Welcome to the defiled

Welcome to the defiled

Aka, SeLF-AdHeSive/defiled's homepage

Last Updated: December 5th, 1998

Okay great... Let's see... What do I have on this page?
Well, I have many things, look to the links to the left.
Isn't this exciting, yes, I thought so.

"Wow", you think to yourself, "how did SeLF-AdHeSive, make these kewl graphics?". Well, kiddies I will tell you. I made them In a program called GIMP
"What is GIMP", you might ask. 

Well GIMP is a free(GPL) Photoshop-like program. 
Written especially for linux. "Well, what good is it for me?", you will be asking yourself.
Well, my answer is simple, if you run linux, instead of Windows(AKA, Bloatware OS, Winblows, Windoze, and whatever...)you can have a great image manipulation program,
without paying a thing!

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